Monday, August 29, 2011

Bronte Capital

Bronte Capital

Note the second advert which gives retail prices. AUD1.40 per watt for monocrystalline, $1.30 per watt for polycyrstalline. German modules.

The blended price from the last Trina Solar conference call (presumably a wholesale price which is higher than a retail price) is $1.46 per watt. They told us that they had seen their prices stabilize.

Sorry. No dice. This gets worse. Much much worse.


Can't resist a follow up. Within two minutes of posting this the salesman who cold-called me trying to sell solar panels emailed a follow-up:

Just a quick note that the price of alex panel has been dropped to $1.30p/w (minimun purchase amount is 2 pallets).
The price of Ever-Solar inverter is also decreased:

Trina Solar was burning well over 100 million in cash per quarter whilst expanding its output. Discounting pressure is now increasing so it is going to get worse. Survival is not assured.

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