Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Earth Power News – Renault Plug In Hybrid Electric Car 141 MPG

Earth Power News – Renault Plug In Hybrid Electric Car 141 MPG
In a stunning announcement recently the Renault Company has unveiled a plug in electric car that gets a whopping 141 mpg.
The French automaker is reportedly going to unveil the 141 MPG concept car at the Geneva Motor Show that isn’t a 100% electric car. It’s a plug-in hybrid that is reportedly similar in size to a Clio.
Renault head of research, advanced studies and materials Remi Bastien is the one who gave out the 141 MPG figure, so it’s worth paying attention to.
Bastien added that, “a production version of the car would be affordable.
It will be a B-segment car with Clio-type features in terms of space and comfort.”
With the Renault Zoe and the Renault Fluence ZE, Renault is a clear leader in the EV realm so far.
According the company officials this is all according to their plans, “The main thrust of our research and development budget is spent on improving emissions – with our electric vehicle strategy with the Zoe EV, we’re perfectly placed to develop hybrid systems.”

Bastien also commented a bit on BMW’s use of carbon fiber in the BMW i3, and the related matter of reducing vehicle weight for greater efficiency.
“I think the main reason BMW uses lightweight carbon fibre on the BMW i3, for example, is because of performance, because of what the brand stands for – not necessarily for efficiency,” Bastien said.
“Reducing weight is important for gas and diesel cars, but less so for EVs – aerodynamics is more important for efficiency in electric vehicles. Weight can be used to help regenerative braking in an EV to harvest more kinetic energy when slowing down.”
Bastien also commented on the great potential EV battery research still offers.
“Bastien believes the industry is only at 50% in terms of exploration of battery technology,” according to Sean Carson of AutoExpress.
Bastien projects that, “by 2020 the range of an EV like the Zoe will double to around 250 miles.”
The roads will look a whole lot different when the Renault Plug In Electric car reaches that level.

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