Monday, April 30, 2012

Jean Pain Method (alternative energy forum at permies)

Jean Pain Method (alternative energy forum at permies)

he book is The Methods of Jean Pain: Or Another Kind of Garden, by Ida and Jean Pain, in English, self-published 1980, 88 pages, with photos.

An old article from Reader's Digest:

Photos: And

Dated 9/8/07 (do you think this is correct? They speak of him in the present tense.)
"EDITOR'S NOTE: You can order an English translation of Ida Pain's 88-page book about Jean Pain's techniques Another Kind of Garden: The Methods of Jean Pain, Seventh Edition in English-by sending a $20 international money order to Ida and Jean Pain, Domaine "Les Templiers", 83980 Villecroze, France."

"For anyone interested in Jean Pain's methods of producing energy from compost, but frustrated at the lack of information and the scarcity of the English edition of his book, I found a nice video about his methods that is narrated in German and is about 15 minutes long. I think this was also posted at the stoves mailing list, but didn't make it into our archives yet. '

Jean Pain video

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