Thursday, April 5, 2012

Real-time room temperature on your Website (no javascript or server side coding)

Real-time room temperature on your Website (no javascript or server side coding):

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This is how to push high resolution real-time data from Arduino-based temperature sensor to your web page without any server-side coding.

Arduino is a great device for collecting, storing and transferring data from various sensors but there are times you need to make your data accessible from any place over the internet, like I did for room temperature in my study.
That’s when this solution may come handy.
The solution utilises a cloud-based real time web publishing tool that allows you to publish any data with about 0.1 second latency.
First you will need:

Temperature sensor TMP102 on sparkfun breakout board
 Arduino Ethernet (which is in fact is Arduino + Ethernet Shield)
- wires
- ethernet cable
-power adaptor for Arduino
- Free account on (when registered you will get your publishing and web keys which you will put into Arduino code and in http code on your website)
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Step 1Connect the sensor as shown on the picture.

Connect the sensor as shown on the picture.
Connect the sensor as shown on the picture.

Image is taken from incredibly good blog

I often use it as a reference
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Feb 29, 2012. 6:00 PMdbasmb says:
Thanks apasiechnikov for the details!

You said: "If you have DHCP and can not specify a fixed IP address, you will need another library and slightly different code. I will be more then happy to provide any additional instructions if needed."

I do have DHCP and would like the details. I'm not up to speed on interfacing Arduino to the internet, so that would be quite helpful. Also, can you tell me if it's possible to add this data to my web page where I have my Foscam IP camera displayed or is that a totally different animal. If it's possible, I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction, so I can proceed to figure it out!

Mar 8, 2012. 6:33 PMdbasmb says:
Thanks for the reply.

You said I would need another library, but the above code shows no library , only the #. Did you forget to add them?

Jan 20, 2012. 1:35 AMnet0040 says:
Good Jobs.

About Temperature sensor TMP102,Whether it can replace by DS18B20?
Jan 1, 2012. 4:13 AMLeskoIam says:
I have a similar set-up, just that I use LM35 and python to update my page, you can see it here:

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