Sunday, October 7, 2012


passive solar by arthur brown, 1947southside 8x6solarsouth naramata 12xgreenhouse1greenhouse2sunroom tall holland
sunroom with summer ventilationsunroom tall modelsouthglass wabayachtclubenergy monitor, detail, kamstrup,okotoks 013Repower 5MW windturbine blade
massive windmill  rotor in southern albertafoam 006geothermal flywheelseasonal storage passive solarecookotoks 020 nooumbrellahouse
umbrellahousesolarhouse, crowtherSmith Page 1 aircollectorsslabheat controlcentreHigh velocity ventilation detail slab heat tubing layout

ecodesign, a set on Flickr.

a wide variety of passive solar, daylighting, energy conservation, sunrooms, etc.

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