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Wreck the environment - drive an electric car | SmartPlanet

Wreck the environment - drive an electric car | SmartPlaneton free

While it may be true  that electric cars are not so clean if  the power is generated in coal fired plants, there is also a strong trend towards wind power, and an average house could collect solar power on its roof and recharge the car from home batteries at night, or be recharged at solar parkades during working hours!
threre was a real good comment that answers a lot of questions:

Cradle to Grave"
Although it is easy to "cherry pick" data to prove a point, it's necessary to include all elements of a situation in order to arrive at an accurate conclusion.
The same EV powered from Hydro-electric sources is desirable whereas being powered from a coal-burning power plant leaves much to be desired, and falls short of solving the problem.
Think ethanol as the saviour of car fuels. It did not work out as planned primarily because all factors weren't assessed.
As my teacher told me a long time ago: "Do your homework".
Posted by da philster
1 hr ago
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One advantage of hybrids.
It is indisputable that the arrival of the Prius and its hybrid brethren and the slowly closing price gap between them and conventional vehicles has pushed conventional vehicle technology.

The MPG ratings of comparable sized and some midsized 2012 gas and diesel vehicles have risen to new heights previously thought unobtainable just 20 years ago. A significant change that is keeping conventional vehicles competitive when early pundits thought hybrid sales would over run conventional sales in a decade because of MPG alone.
Posted by Hates Idiots
1 hr ago
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Decrease your fuel consumption by HALF!!
Move closer to work, or carpool with one other person. If you're driving an EV, but commuting by yourself 50 miles a day, then don't pat yourself on the back. You're no environmentalist.
Posted by dmm99
15 minutes ago
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There are no fallacies in EV
JohnMcGrew>> here is where you are wrong.
Moving to EVs have no fallacies, just a misunderstanding here and there.
and an overzealous have-no-shame entrepreneurs that are trying to get rich on this new trend.
And will (and do) go overboard with promises that they can never keep.

Yes, EVs have been promoted as 100% environmentally good and sound, which is of course is not 100% correct.
but let us review a few thing here.

1. it is true that process of manufacturing EV is not 100% environmentally friendly.
BUT so is the process of manufacturing current IC vehicles .

Most manufacturing processes are the same for both types, things like all the parts , paint, wiring are mostly the same.
And will stay the same for some times to come. So no significant improvement is visible (right now)
Keep in mind however that due to significant differences between ICE driven car and EV, new designs and materials can be considered and used for EV that could possibly make the manufacturing of this vehicles more environmentally sound in the future.

The differences in weight distribution (lets us consider EV with in-weel motors ,as I think this is the best kind of design)
EV motor is lighter and with an in-weel design does not take up space in the car body allowing for more cargo space and passenger space in the cabin.
Since the car frame does not have to carry the weight of the engine, crash dynamics changes as there is no need to consider bulky and heavy hunk of metal going into passenger space during the crush the frame can be designed lighter but stronger
So over all weight of the car can be reduced.

2. second point that keeps coming up is the batteries.
Again, yes manufacturing the batteries is not very environmentally friendly.
But neither is manufacturing all those lead-acid batteries used in conventional cars today.
Along with all the liquids needed for proper operation of todays cars. (motor oil, transition oil, antifreeze etc. )
Going with EV eliminates a good portion of this chemicals.
EV motors do not need motor oil. They use more solid lubricant that does not need to changed as often as motor oil
Since there is no transmission, no transmission fluid is needed.
No antifreeze as electric motors use air cooling and heat sinks.

Now for the important things

Since at the present time EV have very limited range we cannot totally move away from gasoline.
So we cannot really have true EV.
We need EV with range extender (an ICE powered generator on board)
However this can be accomplished with a micro-turbine generator. Make it more efficient and more flexible as micro-turbine can operate on a range of fuel types including gas and biodiesel.
Properly calibrated Micro-turbine also emit a lot less of environmentally unfriendly pollutants compared to ICE

so even extended range EV make sense as next generation vehicle over ICE driven one.
Posted by vl1969
12 minutes ago

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