Friday, May 10, 2013

Beaglebone updated, now Black 1 Ghz computer with many interfaces!...

Next Big Future: Beaglebone Black 1 Ghz computer with many interfac...: BeagleBone Black is a ready-to-use 1-GHz computer that retails for $45. BeagleBone Black was announced last week by, a sma...

BeagleBone Black was announced last week by, a small group of engineers interested in creating powerful, open and embedded devices. The credit card sized computer runs on Linux and is designed to be an open hardware and software development platform that makes it quick and easy to build systems.

BeagleBone Black includes all the necessary components to connect a display, keyboard and network. It's based on production-ready hardware and software. All of the components—including TI’s 1-GHz Sitara AM335x processor—are commercially available right now.

BeagleBone Black includes 2 GB of on-board storage to run pre-loaded Linux software. It also offers the Cloud9 integrated development environment to kickstart development and keep the microSD slot available for additional storage. 

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