Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Green-Trust.Org | Aquaponics Project

Green-Trust.Org | Aquaponics Project

Breaking News! System is finished and running

The water is circulating, and we have added ammonia and are letting the biofilter develop before adding our catfish!
We have embarked on a new Indoor/Outdoor Solar Powered Aquaponics Self Sufficiency Survival Food project. This project not only includes the base fish and vegetable production system, but also optional solar power system, LED grow lights, and hopefully a DIY greenhouse and methane digestion system for hot water and winter heating of the greenhouse. Fish will be fed by a grub composter. We are looking at as our fish supplier.
The fish will be bluegill and catfish (other varieties are being investigated), and the veggies are picked for nutrition, hardiness, and ease of growing, specializing in water plants in addition to traditional plants (see
The end products are video and ebook documentation, plus kits and supplies. We believe a self secured food supply is critical to our survival.
For participants, the link is (research documents, pictures, video and more), and you will be added to the private mail list for status updates.
Get the plans and research materials at

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