Monday, July 1, 2013

The Projects // Thorium Power Canada Inc.

The Projects // Thorium Power Canada Inc.

Thorium Power Canada Inc., in partnership with DBI has designed a class of Thorium reactors which have significant commercial advantages:
  • TPC’s Thorium reactors are more efficient and faster to build than conventional nuclear reactors and other Thorium based reactors
  • TPC’s reactors are a low cost, scalable, modular source of energy
  • Thorium is an abundant world-wide resource
  • TPC’s Thorium reactors reduce radioactive waste which has no use in nuclear weapons
The TPC Thorium Reactor is a one-of-a-kind technology whose modular design can achieve any output desired at significantly reduced capital and carrying costs. The cost to build a reactor is estimated at $2.0 million per MW and can be built in 18-24 months versus conventional reactors at 5-7 years.

Chilean Desalination Plant

Our planned 10 MW thorium reactor located in CopiapĆ³, Chile consists of a core and reactor manufactured by DBI Operating Company in California. The balance of plant, including all buildings and required infrastructure will be constructed on site.
It is estimated that the TPC Thorium Reactor will provide enough power to produce 20 million litres per day at the desalination plant.  This is the equivalent amount that would power 3500 homes.
An application for condition approval to build a demonstration reactor has been submitted to the Chilean Government.

Indonesia Power Project

Thorium Power Canada is presently preparing a proposal for the development of a 25 MW thorium reactor in Indonesia. This demonstration power project will provide electrical power to the country’s power grid.

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