Thursday, November 29, 2012

Passivhaus Institut

Passivhaus Institut
english website of german passiv haus tech!

Passive House Institute and Rongen Architects have performed a research project dealing with Passive House and its specific requirements in different climate zones. Based on 5 locations representing different climate zones ranging from extremely cold to very hot and humid climates (Jekaterinburg, Tokyo, Shanghai, Las Vegas and Dubai), the project was aimed at identifying adequate technical solutions and analysing the impact of different parameters on a building’s energy balance for each climate. Based on these findings, building examples fulfilling high architectural standards were developed for each of these locations. The project was rounded off by a global definition of the Passive House Standard, applicable for all climates.
osts, although the concept of consistent heating and cooling load minimisation seems to reach its limits in extremely cold or hot regions.

The 500 page project report has just been released in English and German and is available for purchase through the PHI website.


The report is placed on the flash drive as a protected document, it is only readable if the flash drive is present. The corresponding reader works under Microsoft Windows XP, Vista und 7 only. Screenshots are not possible. You can, however, print the report to a paper printer.


Preis: 55.00 EUR
zzgl. Versandkosten
The key findings of this project: No matter the location, Passive Houses can be built in a cost- effective way with regard to their life-cycle c

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